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SGS is a nationwide cricket club with over 300 members.

Membership is open from 35 years and older. Friendship and enjoyable cricket (and golf) play an important role at SGS.


 SGS yearly  organizes approximately 40 cricket matches against clubs in the Netherlands and internal matches among club members.  This in addition to matches against visiting clubs from abroad.

 SGS is a wandering club and does not have its own "ground" and gratefully uses the grounds of clubs which kindly host us.

Every member who wants to play can register his availability for 1 or more matches.  Internal matches between SGS teams are played on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Fridays are reserved for matches against clubs. 

The matches on Tuesdays allow older members in particular to play cricket in a sporting and social atmosphere with opponents of their own age, regardless of level and physical condition: by adapting the rules with regard to batsmen retiring and the number of overs per bowler we ensure that everyone actively participates – and that everyone gets a bat.

Every year there is a 4 country tournament between SGS, the Forty Club from England, Dansk XI from Denmark and Cricket Espana from Spain. This year (2024)   in Denmark

 Golf matches

 For SGS members who also play golf the Golfing  committee organizes 8 matches per year. After each match players get together for drinks and  dinner.

 Winter Events

 SGS members can also meet socially in winter at a number of so-called "Winter events" organised by the Social Events Committee.

Some involve activities such as cycling, walking or, for example, “klootschieten” (similar to jeu de boules) and others are informative and cultural, such as museum visits, city walks, boat trips, etc.


 SGS accepts membership from players 35 years and older

 Joining fee, annual subscription and match fees are decided on yearly by the ‘Algemene Ledenvergadering’ (Annual General Meeting).  Currently (2024) these are respectively €20, €30 and €5 per match played.

 Based on the number of matches you have played the match fees will be charged after the end of the season. For payments you will receive an invoice with the option to pay by iDEAL or to transfer the amount yourself to the bank account of SGS .

 Match fees are payable on the day of the match (2024: 15 euro in cash) to cover the costs of tea, coffee, lunch and the “3rd innings”.

 Your application for membership must be supported by 2 SGS members and will be reviewed by the Board.

Down load the Application form. See below.